Friday, 4 November 2011

Roberta Moore Still Runs EDL Jewish Division

At the Tower Hamlets on 3 rd september 2011 demo in the picture above Tommy Robinson was dressed as a Rabbi and escorted by the EDL Jewish Division.

See that Roberta Moore is escorting him to the demonstration.

Roberta is in the other picture with Robert Hoffman leader of the Zionist Federation.

According to the lying anti-zionist media Roberta Moore left the EDL in July 2011.

Luckily for the EDL we did not lose Roberta Moore, instead she simply said she had left the EDL when she hadnt.

The photo above proves that the real EDL leadership still support the Jewish Task Force and Roberta Moore.

Here are more anti-zionist lies ;

Of Mr Lennon's disguise, a CST spokesman said: "The EDL only uses Jews and Israel in order to try and provoke Muslims. It is racist politics and anyone who sincerely cares about Jews, or Israel, should condemn it."

The leadership of the English Defence League has distanced itself from the group's Jewish Division, because of its partnership with the far-right American group Jewish Task Force.

The head of the EDL's Jewish division, Roberta Moore, previously announced that the group was working with the JTF, whose leader Victor Vancier has been imprisoned for terrorism offences.

This week the EDL's leadership issued a statement saying that if the Jewish Division continued relations with the JTF, they would sever ties with her.

It said: "A member of the Jewish Division this week decided to link herself with terrorist organisation JTF. This was the decision and wishes of one single individual within the EDL, and does not mean that the EDL is linked with this movement.

"If they [the Jewish EDL] continue with their plans to forge links with the terrorist JTF, the EDL will have no option but to sever its links with the Jewish division as we cannot support terrorist sympathisers."

But Ms Moore said she was determined to continue the affiliation. She said the EDL leadership who had released the statement were "complete idiots," adding: "I have put my foot down; I am the one in contact with the JTF. If some people don't like it, then screw them. There are lots of Jewish people very upset that the EDL put out that statement - and I haven't received any personal messages telling me to cut off contact with Victor."

However, the EDL made it clear that they and Ms Moore were at odds on the matter. A spokesman said: "The EDL never has and never will have any affiliations with the Jewish Task Force. Unfortunately Ms Moore has caused a great deal of trouble and unrest within the EDL because of her gung-ho attitude."
Victor Vancier spent five years in prison from 1987 for 18 bomb attacks against Soviet targets in the US to protest against the treatment of Soviet Jews.  Continues ......

The EDL spokesman above lied about the EDL not being connected with the Jewish Task Force. Here is a picture of the Jewish Task Force leader at the EDL Amsterdam Demonstration on 31st October 2010. These anti-semitic liars in the EDL leadership need removing. We are proud to be linked to the JTF.

In the picture above the leader of the Jewish Task Force leader poses with the EDL leadership, Paul Weston and senior EDL leader Chris Knowles at the EDL Amsterdam demonstration. The demo in Amsterdam was held on October 31st 2010. He is the man in the blue jacket in the first image.

Paul Ray on his blog states he is the leader of the Jewish Task Force ;

Paul Rays blog confirms the man in the image is the leader of the Jewish Task Force on his website here ;

Article continues .....

He posted on the JTF forum: "There are elements in the EDL who desperately want to be accepted by the leftwing establishment and the media. These elements have no principles or courage. Roberta Moore and the Jewish Division represent courageous and noble elements. If the EDL is not willing to work with JTF, then they are rejecting all rightwing Jews, evangelical Christians and others who believe in the right of the Jewish people to the entire land of Israel."

Luckily the Nazis in the EDL who tried to purge the EDL of their Zionist leadership were resisted.

Roberta Moore, as the picture shows with Tommy at the EDL demo in Tower Hamlets, is still leading the Jewish Division of the EDL and associated with the EDL.

We cannot lose such Zionists.

Roberta Moore is one of Britains greatest Zionists.


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